Terra Incognita Opens JUNE 8TH–not the 1st Saturday!


A. Harding, “Stellar Diaspora,” mixed media, dimensions variable

E. Murphy, “Shapeshifter,” scratchboard drawing on panel, 14” x 11”

Ground Floor Gallery is setting aside tradition for the month of June by opening the SECOND Saturday, June 8th from 5-8pm, and NOT during the June Art Crawl.

Please join us in welcoming the artists, Andy Harding and Erin Murphy, and their collaboration:

Terra Incognita

New Work by Andy Harding & Erin Murphy

June 7 – 30, 2019:
Ground Floor Gallery + Studios
942 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37210

Opening: Saturday, June 8th, 5 – 8 pm

Terra Incognita, or “unknown land,” is a term used in cartography to label regions that have not been mapped or documented. The phrase became popular during the Age of Exploration and served as an enticing call to action for explorers. In an updated context, Terra Incognita frames the pursuit Erin Murphy and Andy Harding have been laboring over in their individual art practices for many years. Looking to everything from cosmology to geology and surveying both the expansive and the minute, Murphy and Harding investigate the rich vein of imagery and concepts offered up by the natural world. However, they remain focused on a deeper interest in the larger questions of being: Why are we here? How did our world and all that is in it come to be? And how do we assuage our hunger for the infinite in a finite world?

In this exhibit, Murphy shows us familiar textures and surfaces of our surroundings, stitched into new, imaginative compositions and structures. Harding offers a meditation on a host of scientific themes, from the inner workings
of matter on a quantum scale to ecological and cosmic epochs. These themes influence his choice of material, form, and process–all of which echo the grand cycle of transformation evident in nature. The artists work in a variety of media including drawing, installation, sculpture, and collage. Whereas Murphy’s work has an imaginative undertone influenced by folklore and magical realism, Harding’s sculpture strikes tones of Eastern philosophy and mysticism. Both artists share an affinity for science fiction and fantasy that manifests itself in their work.

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Fruit Punch GfG+S Group Show




Artists of Ground Floor Gallery + Studios serve up a medley of recent work in a group show, Fruit Punch, during the month of May. Fruit Punch is an open-theme exhibition of GfG+S’s multifaceted artists. Please join us for our Artists’ Reception and Open Studios on May 4 from 5-8 pm. Curated by Kate Faulkner



Patternscapes…opens in April!


Appalachian Red, 46×48″, Acrylic on canvas

Patternscapes, a solo exhibition by one of GfG’s studio artists, Amanda Joy Brown, opens during the next art crawl, Saturday, April 6th, 6-8pm. Brown’s incorporation of line, texture and color, to interpret remembered environments, gives a fresh edge to the tradition of landscape painting. Patternscapes will be on view, by appointment, through April.

Amanda Joy Brown studied painting at Harding University and earned her MFA in the painting program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited in several countries and is included in private and public collections internationally.

The focus on landscape in my painting practice developed from a desire to both be present in my surroundings as well as capturing experiences as I remember them. These landscape-based pieces honor the abstraction of memory, in the shorthand of shapes and textures, and emulate both the simplicity and complexity of memory. Studying the combinations of color and texture within a landscape, I work with a medium that lends a 3D element to the surfaces, creating a heightened range of visual resonance through dimensional line.

The Ridge, 30×32″, Acrylic on canvas

The Vibrating Neighbor


Ground Floor Studio artist, Matt Christy, currently has a solo show up at Red Arrow Gallery through February 16th. The show, including recent collaged paintings, is titled The Vibrating Neighbor. You can check it out now by calling ahead any day. Red Arrow is also open Saturdays, 12-4pm. On February 1st at 6pm Matt will add a collage of video, readings, and sound


Two Heads, 13″ x 17″



Tiger, 7′ x 6′

to his exhibition followed by a Q&A. Mark your calendars!

Artist Statement:

The Vibrating Neighbor could refer to the neighbor that plays dance music too loud and shakes your walls, or perhaps to the sound of a roommate’s libidinal enjoyment, or even, on a deeper more frightening level, the living pulsing, excessive existence of what is other, its very molecular vibration. To be confronted with that is an anxiety inducing intrusion and an exhilarating, hallucinatory vision.

The works in The Vibrating Neighbor use collage fragments and images embedded in molecular structures and energetic abstract fields to create changes in perspective and scale. The concentric fields of vibrating color become stages for me to purpose peculiar relationships between those isolated elements. I’m less interested in the dream of togetherness and more interested in the unaccountable, relationships that may mean nothing and have no end. Animals crop up because their narratives seem to rub against the peopled ones. Imagine any familiar narrative, imagine an ant on the right shoe of one of it’s major players, now focus on the ant, voila the narrative’s familiarity is disturbed by it’s unknown, vibrating neighbor. I’m probably misusing that term. Neighbor seems to bleed into the idea of Other, but neighbor,  for me, has a theological history that I like, and it’s funnier. It’s a change in orientation that doesn’t allow me to think of my other’s as completely isolated, but as caught up in the same unaccountable set of relationships that ensnares all of us.

The Year in Review


Happy New Year! It’s that time again that we fondly look back at this past year’s shows, and eagerly forward to what 2019 means for Ground Floor Gallery + Studios.

We began our year of 2018 with a group show, Self and Surroundings, featuring the studio artists of Ground Floor, that included Kim René, Amanda Joy Brown, Erin Murphy, Sibley Barlow, Meg McGregor, Georganna Greene, Bobby Becker, curated by Naomi Bartlett.

Our current studio artists at Ground Floor include: Amanda Brown, Georganna Greene, Bobby Becker, Janet Decker Yanez, Kim René, Matt Christy, Meg McGregor, Chris Harsch, Megan White and Kate Faulkner.

Ground Floor’s Matt Christy curated, My Own Worst Enemy, a show that featured paintings with a sense of individualism’s relationship with the weight of the world. Christy’s work was included along with Lindsey Campbell, Joe Christy, Kevin Dietz, and Chris Worth.

Another studio artist, Kim René, had a solo show titled Flow. She gave us beautifully atmospheric paintings that explored the fluidity of nature.

This past year has also been great for Ground Floor Gallery’s individual studio artists outside of our gallery! Founder/Director, Janet Decker Yanez, had a solo show, Evolution, with Galerie Tangerine. Amanda Brown was also featured at Galerie Tangerine in Ruche. Georganna Greene presented a solo show, Adagio, at Red Arrow Gallery, and Matt Christy was included in a group show at Track One (Matt also opens a show TONIGHT at The Red Arrow Gallery, The Vibrating Neighbor which runs through February 16th).

Catherine Haggarty joined us in curating our 6th Annual International Juried Exhibition, Rhythm & Rush. All submitting artists were featured in a book published by RD King and Extended Play. Haggarty selected Noemié Jennifer’s Onrush as “Best in Show,” awarding her a solo exhibition at Ground Floor in 2019.

Other artists included in the gallery show:

Padmavathy Rajendran
Benjamin Pritchard 
David McDonough 

Noémie Jennifer: artwork

We are looking forward to Jennifer’s upcoming show this new year!


Keep in touch…2019 is also bringing us solo shows by Amanda Brown, and Bobby Becker, button making opportunities from The Button Project, and more. Cheers to 2019!

Flow, by Kim René, Opens 1st Saturday Art Crawl, November 3rd



Untitled, Acrylic on Aluminum, 12″ x 12″

Next up, solo exhibition by studio artist, Kim René. Opening reception is Saturday, November 3rd, 6-9pm. Artist talk 7:15pm.

“Flow” is a collection of paintings created out of my desire to accentuate, even zone-in, on the fluidity of nature. When asked, “What inspires you?” I immediately want to shout out–  like from a mountain– “Nature, but of course!” I’m especially spellbound by the motion that happens within waterfalls, icebergs and molten lava. Not only am I moved by natural wonders of the world, the clouds and mist that surround us in our daily atmosphere deeply intrigue me as well. Capturing even the smallest characteristics of this personal obsession with nature’s liquids, drives me experientially and passionately. Experimenting with varied paint viscosity, mediums & canvas substrates helps recreate the expansive and emotional feelings that this aspect of nature provokes within me.  –Kim René

The Anticipation of Noémie Jennifer



After receiving Best in Show Award in our 6th Annual Juried Show, “Rhythm and Rush” Nashville’s art scene will be anticipating Noémie Jennifer’s upcoming solo show in 2019. The piece selected that earned this award was her piece titled “Onrush.” The image, made from rag paper, mulberry paper, acrylic, and neon polyester thread could be seen as a cascading downpour, hair reaching out from the skin, or anything between and beyond.

A great word of entry to describe Noemie’s working is anticipation. Still images illustrate such a decisive moment, the viewer is left on the edge expecting a real world, real time transformation. These drawings stagnate the ephemeral.

Her use of thread and reorienting of meaty paper creates very haptic images, giving a tactile viewing experience. The viewer is allowed to slowly pull apart the way it was pieced together. Change, journey, and movement are the three words I would use to investigate her work. They describe so many different means of travel. You could see them as similar to the way one word weaves to another and on down the line to complete a thought and begin a new paragraph; how light from a star reaches our eye after a long trip from a dying explosion. One might even compare it to the politically charged migration of stressed people, or animals in a fight or flight mode, across stretches of foreign land, perhaps even cells building upon one another to create a sprouting plant.

Any artist working with micro/macro content must force the viewer to make profound connections between worlds. Jennifer takes this farther by captivating the element of movement and travel. With her work we not only see the visual connection between our world within eyesight and the world beyond, but learn of it’s intermingling, and how they each move with and depend on one another.