Flow, by Kim René, Opens 1st Saturday Art Crawl, November 3rd



Untitled, Acrylic on Aluminum, 12″ x 12″

Next up, solo exhibition by studio artist, Kim René. Opening reception is Saturday, November 3rd, 6-9pm. Artist talk 7:15pm.

“Flow” is a collection of paintings created out of my desire to accentuate, even zone-in, on the fluidity of nature. When asked, “What inspires you?” I immediately want to shout out–  like from a mountain– “Nature, but of course!” I’m especially spellbound by the motion that happens within waterfalls, icebergs and molten lava. Not only am I moved by natural wonders of the world, the clouds and mist that surround us in our daily atmosphere deeply intrigue me as well. Capturing even the smallest characteristics of this personal obsession with nature’s liquids, drives me experientially and passionately. Experimenting with varied paint viscosity, mediums & canvas substrates helps recreate the expansive and emotional feelings that this aspect of nature provokes within me.  –Kim René

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