Kim René

Newly emerging artist Kim René began painting at the age of 49, beginning in 2015. She is self taught, except for what she calls Youtube University, where other artists teach what they know for free. “I kept saying to myself, I can do that, until I finally went shopping for paint and canvas, and started painting.”

Beautiful Abstract Expressionism is her focused personal goal, but she also has an interest in figurative work. A sub category of Abstract Expressionism; Lyrical Expressionism seems to be evolving from her current body of work. “Music is color to me, and color is music; it seduces the emotions & doesn’t need lyrics to really move you and speak volumes to you.”

A Tennessean since 1988, she lives with her husband, Dan, her son, Evan, 4 dogs and a cat in Nashville, TN. Her newest dog addition, Katy Bear, is undergoing training to become a certified medical service dog and artist’s studio assistant where she works at Ground Floor Gallery & Studios, Nashville, TN.

You can follow Kim René on Facebook @ Kim-West-Hipps-Art
Instagram @ArtbyKimRene’