The Anticipation of Noémie Jennifer



After receiving Best in Show Award in our 6th Annual Juried Show, “Rhythm and Rush” Nashville’s art scene will be anticipating Noémie Jennifer’s upcoming solo show in 2019. The piece selected that earned this award was her piece titled “Onrush.” The image, made from rag paper, mulberry paper, acrylic, and neon polyester thread could be seen as a cascading downpour, hair reaching out from the skin, or anything between and beyond.

A great word of entry to describe Noemie’s working is anticipation. Still images illustrate such a decisive moment, the viewer is left on the edge expecting a real world, real time transformation. These drawings stagnate the ephemeral.

Her use of thread and reorienting of meaty paper creates very haptic images, giving a tactile viewing experience. The viewer is allowed to slowly pull apart the way it was pieced together. Change, journey, and movement are the three words I would use to investigate her work. They describe so many different means of travel. You could see them as similar to the way one word weaves to another and on down the line to complete a thought and begin a new paragraph; how light from a star reaches our eye after a long trip from a dying explosion. One might even compare it to the politically charged migration of stressed people, or animals in a fight or flight mode, across stretches of foreign land, perhaps even cells building upon one another to create a sprouting plant.

Any artist working with micro/macro content must force the viewer to make profound connections between worlds. Jennifer takes this farther by captivating the element of movement and travel. With her work we not only see the visual connection between our world within eyesight and the world beyond, but learn of it’s intermingling, and how they each move with and depend on one another.

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