The Vibrating Neighbor


Ground Floor Studio artist, Matt Christy, currently has a solo show up at Red Arrow Gallery through February 16th. The show, including recent collaged paintings, is titled The Vibrating Neighbor. You can check it out now by calling ahead any day. Red Arrow is also open Saturdays, 12-4pm. On February 1st at 6pm Matt will add a collage of video, readings, and sound


Two Heads, 13″ x 17″



Tiger, 7′ x 6′

to his exhibition followed by a Q&A. Mark your calendars!

Artist Statement:

The Vibrating Neighbor could refer to the neighbor that plays dance music too loud and shakes your walls, or perhaps to the sound of a roommate’s libidinal enjoyment, or even, on a deeper more frightening level, the living pulsing, excessive existence of what is other, its very molecular vibration. To be confronted with that is an anxiety inducing intrusion and an exhilarating, hallucinatory vision.

The works in The Vibrating Neighbor use collage fragments and images embedded in molecular structures and energetic abstract fields to create changes in perspective and scale. The concentric fields of vibrating color become stages for me to purpose peculiar relationships between those isolated elements. I’m less interested in the dream of togetherness and more interested in the unaccountable, relationships that may mean nothing and have no end. Animals crop up because their narratives seem to rub against the peopled ones. Imagine any familiar narrative, imagine an ant on the right shoe of one of it’s major players, now focus on the ant, voila the narrative’s familiarity is disturbed by it’s unknown, vibrating neighbor. I’m probably misusing that term. Neighbor seems to bleed into the idea of Other, but neighbor,  for me, has a theological history that I like, and it’s funnier. It’s a change in orientation that doesn’t allow me to think of my other’s as completely isolated, but as caught up in the same unaccountable set of relationships that ensnares all of us.

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