Meet GfG’s newest artist


Please welcome our newest painter, Wendy Walker to our new space! When Wendy told me she would join our space I was transported to a zen-like place. Aside from the exquisite paintings she’ll bring to our space, her presence alone gives off an elegant, calming affect.

moody 4

Artist Statement

In my work, I am trying to capture-and on some level make tangible-those rare transcendent moments when I feel completely present. I find that these moments are often inspired by a strong sense of place, and objects from the natural world which hold a personal meaning.


B.F.A., Studio Art, Louisiana Tech University Wendy Walker grew up in the piney hills of North Central Louisiana, and has called Nashville, Tennessee home since 1999. She spent several years as a muralist and decorative painter and was the sole proprietor of Fetching Studio. Her art has been featured on four album covers to date. Her paintings have been described by artist and gallery curator Laura DeVille as “delicately dramatic.”

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