GfG is now in a state of Utopia!


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This Saturday, July 5th, 7:30-10:00pm, will be our 1st show at 942 4th Ave South called Utopia: Can it Stay Dream? Curated by Brian Jobe and Ryder Richards.

To me this show has been as much about mystery and anticipation as it has been about an idea of a perfected society (unintentionally fitting since we booked this for the old space). Co-Curator Ryder Richards has been an “artist-in-residence” of sorts, coming in early to help with the build out–we needed a sheetrock wall instead of a concrete one–be sure to ask him about the large, “Home Depot Orange” square he painted underneath the new 12×20′ wall he built in a matter of a couple of days!

Boxes and tubes have been coming in from all parts of the US from the other members of the Culture Laboratory Collective and as this show was accepted based on their reputation as a cohesive, professionally operating artist collective, an idea, and only a couple of images released so far, the show will ultimately be a celebratory surprise. Please join us!

Czanns Logo - black

Czann’s has generously donated a delicious beverage and has now opened their own tap room.

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