Ground Floor Gallery + Studios is Upgrading!


MOTM GFG 5imageimage

It’s been a terrific two years at the Chestnut building but it is time for Ground Floor Gallery + Studios to be moving on up–the street that is, our new address will be 942 4th Ave South. Please come to visit one last time before the big move to see “Meet of the Matter” by Jake Weigel before it comes down on the 24th. As before, we will be participating regularly in the Arts & Music @ Wedgewood/Houston events and reopening with “Utopia” by Culture Laboratory Collective in July. We are adding 1200+ sqft and have more studios available to like-minded artists. Contact Janet @ 615-478-1467 for details.

2 thoughts on “Ground Floor Gallery + Studios is Upgrading!

  1. Congratulations on the big move, Janet! So enjoyed both meeting you (ever so briefly while working as an intern for Adrienne Outlaw last year) and the inspiring exhibits at the Chestnut Bldg location. Looking forward to visiting the new space. Until then, best wishes! Alice Shepherd

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