New Artist + GfG Updates


Happy Fall! September was a great (but fast) month for us at GfG! We had an amazing show by Grace Claypool which featured her wood crafted sculptures. Thank you all for a great turnout to support Grace’s first show!

As we head into October we are happy to introduce two of our new artist joining us in the studio space, Jenna Kosowski and Sandra King! Sandra King is a grad of the Art Institute of Chicago and after some time away from the paint brush is jumping back into her practice here at GfG. Jenna Kosowski is a painter and dancer from the North East who is now residing here in Nashville. You can head over to her website to check out her work !

As we head into December we will be having an Open Studio and Gallery Show featuring all of our in house artist! Be sure to check that out December 7th from 4-7PM!

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