“Interrelate” by Grace Claypool Opens September 7th


Join us for the exhibition, Interrelate, and artist’s reception for Grace Claypool Saturday, September 7th from 6-8pm.

Artist statement:

Women as a collective have an solid pack mentality that is possible because each individual is a multifaceted being.

These works are about women supporting each other. 

These sculptures are not objectifying, but are representing the feminine experience: the ebbing and flowing, the protective and protected. These pieces aim to unravel the idea of femininity and show a side of primal self preservation. 

This body of work is not about oppression but about support and the mutual relationship of women with each other.


Grace Claypool is a Nashville based artist with a studio practice focused on sculpture and drawing. She is currently completing her BFA in studio art at Lipscomb University with BFA expected in 2019. She is also the co-curator of Open Gallery.

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