Join us this Thursday night 5-8pm for a casual Closing Show/Open Studios where you can visit with art, artists and works in progress. Light snacks and yummy beverages provided.

In the meantime please see below for the review of Hot Water, an acrylic painting by Brianna Bass, written by another Otherworldliness artist, Katherine Wagner, and consider finding the perfect, small space for it in your home. This “world” reads big, but only measures 12” x 12” x 1.5″ and is really quite affordable. Hot WaterBrianna Bass’ painting Hot Water, on wood cradled panel, is visually guarded with strong vibrating colors that separate into different levels. Although the composition is cellular, seemly a place for your eyes to rest, you get bounced back outside of the cell to wander through the depths of a psychedelic, molecular world. This sensation of unrest relates to the title of the piece. Hot water can both burn and soothe bouncing between the two like the push and pull on the panel, bolstered through the use of pattern. The directional light, layered patterns, and color interplay all seem well thought out which leaves me wondering about the use of wood panel and how it relates to the rest of the work. Is it the pattern of the wood that allowed for the jump to exploring repetition in paint? Or maybe it is purely a support system for the piece. Either way, the piece is entrancingly busy and rich. Brianna Bass has created a world that I would hesitantly enter but gladly observe through the window she has provided.

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