Review of Andrew O’Brien’s Photograph by Robert Fields


Now, nearly a week after seeing Andrew O’Brien’s untitled photograph… it remains a still & quiet reflection. 

What I first saw was a random array of vertical bands: thick, thin, solid to nearly transparent…a landscape sliced… which I had to linger over, and work at reading: near, middle and far. 

What’s unseen is the broader context in which to understand where I am standing.  What am I seeing, looking at or through? What’s real or am I imagining more than what’s there? Inside? Outside? 

What would be good to see in addition to this marvelous print… are the other photographs from his Curtain Wall Series, all side by side. Go to .

What I experienced from viewing O’Brien’s “untitled” was the sense of peering through another artist’s picture-window created by the narrow, white frame…a view into a mystery-chamber… a dream of time and place, trapped… encapsulated between triple, transparent plates.  

Can I now let it go? Do I? Maybe better asked: When will these thoughts and impressions let go of me?

~Bob Fields/ 4.17  

Gallery Hours for the month of April: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-8pm or call to schedule private viewing.

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