Past Interns

Naomi Bartlett

I’m a student at Belmont University, aiming to graduate this December with a BA in English and a minor in Paintings.  My background in English has led to an interest in linguistics as well as the intertextuality of our daily lives and environments with art. How do overarching structures alter our day-to-day, and how does our day-to-day change what and how we see? My work deals with the self in context. For the most part I work with oil paint on canvas, though I have dabbled in 3-D work and installations as well.

I am excited to be a part of the community of artists at Ground Floor Gallery, and look forward to learning through experience this summer.

Find my work at

Email me at



Cassandra Harner

I’m a Digital Art BFA graduate from Indiana University. I also have a BA in East Asian Language and Culture, and a minor in Linguistics. My interest in languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean started from an early age, and the writing systems used were always so fascinating. I would draw comic books and make up my own languages. I gained confidence speaking in different languages. After visiting Korea and Japan and collecting all my experiences on video, I discovered my motivation to express myself in video. I became aware of how I was performing in public spaces, and how my performance of self in Korea was so different than my self in America. I started performing on video as a persona on my last trip to Korea and it reoriented my artistic practice entirely. I finished my BA and continued on in Digital Art exclusively, continuing to focus on video, performance, and digital media as my persona, Kay-T Critiques.

Since moving to Nashville, I am curious to see how Kay-T develops. Meanwhile, I have also settled back into drawing comic books and making music videos. I continue to be motivated by my friends to work on such different projects, and I still feel as if each project is led by a different persona.

You can find my work on my website:

Feel free to connect with me via email:

or social media: @charnerart


Celeste Jones

I am a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Child Studies at the Peabody College of Education, with a secondary major in Studio Arts.  As a Child Studies major, I spent time learning about how ways of thinking formed throughout childhood form the basis for mindsets and perceptions in adulthood. For me, art has always been a way of seeing- I grew up thinking, feeling, and experiencing partly through the physical act of creation. Because of this, my work tends to reflect the questions I have about the formation of perceptions, and how they cross over with the nature of the creative process. I gravitate towards subject matter of universal significance, such as water, light, and movement, to tell stories that resonate in unique ways from person to person. In my most recent work, I seek to tell stories through abstractions of water, in a way that emphasizes the universal yet distinct qualities of perceptions.

Being around people immersed in their own unique creative processes inspires me, and I look forward to being a part of a thriving artistic community in Nashville.

Connect with me at or visit for more information and to see my work.

Genesis, 2015, still from video

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