Current Interns


Cassandra Harner, Intern at Ground Floor Gallery

I’m a Digital Art BFA graduate from Indiana University. I also have a BA in East Asian Language and Culture, and a minor in Linguistics. My interest in languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean started from an early age, and the writing systems used were always so fascinating. I would draw comic books and make up my own languages. I gained confidence speaking in different languages. After visiting Korea and Japan and collecting all my experiences on video, I discovered my motivation to express myself in video. I became aware of how I was performing in public spaces, and how my performance of self in Korea was so different than my self in America. I started performing on video as a persona on my last trip to Korea and it reoriented my artistic practice entirely. I finished my BA and continued on in Digital Art exclusively, continuing to focus on video, performance, and digital media as my persona, Kay-T Critiques.

Since moving to Nashville, I am curious to see how Kay-T develops. Meanwhile, I have also settled back into drawing comic books and making music videos. I continue to be motivated by my friends to work on such different projects, and I still feel as if each project is led by a different persona.

You can find my work on my website:

Feel free to connect with me via email:

or social media: @charnerart

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.04.51 PM


Celeste Jones, Intern at Ground Floor Gallery

I am a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Child Studies at the Peabody College of Education, with a secondary major in Studio Arts.  As a Child Studies major, I spent time learning about how ways of thinking formed throughout childhood form the basis for mindsets and perceptions in adulthood. For me, art has always been a way of seeing- I grew up thinking, feeling, and experiencing partly through the physical act of creation. Because of this, my work tends to reflect the questions I have about the formation of perceptions, and how they cross over with the nature of the creative process. I gravitate towards subject matter of universal significance, such as water, light, and movement, to tell stories that resonate in unique ways from person to person. In my most recent work, I seek to tell stories through abstractions of water, in a way that emphasizes the universal yet distinct qualities of perceptions.

Being around people immersed in their own unique creative processes inspires me, and I look forward to being a part of a thriving artistic community in Nashville.

Connect with me at or visit for more information and to see my work.

Genesis, 2015, still from video

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