Fruit Punch GfG+S Group Show




Artists of Ground Floor Gallery + Studios serve up a medley of recent work in a group show, Fruit Punch, during the month of May. Fruit Punch is an open-theme exhibition of GfG+S’s multifaceted artists. Please join us for our Artists’ Reception and Open Studios on May 4 from 5-8 pm. Curated by Kate Faulkner



Patternscapes…opens in April!


Appalachian Red, 46×48″, Acrylic on canvas

Patternscapes, a solo exhibition by one of GfG’s studio artists, Amanda Joy Brown, opens during the next art crawl, Saturday, April 6th, 6-8pm. Brown’s incorporation of line, texture and color, to interpret remembered environments, gives a fresh edge to the tradition of landscape painting. Patternscapes will be on view, by appointment, through April.

Amanda Joy Brown studied painting at Harding University and earned her MFA in the painting program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited in several countries and is included in private and public collections internationally.

The focus on landscape in my painting practice developed from a desire to both be present in my surroundings as well as capturing experiences as I remember them. These landscape-based pieces honor the abstraction of memory, in the shorthand of shapes and textures, and emulate both the simplicity and complexity of memory. Studying the combinations of color and texture within a landscape, I work with a medium that lends a 3D element to the surfaces, creating a heightened range of visual resonance through dimensional line.

The Ridge, 30×32″, Acrylic on canvas

Flow, by Kim René, Opens 1st Saturday Art Crawl, November 3rd



Untitled, Acrylic on Aluminum, 12″ x 12″

Next up, solo exhibition by studio artist, Kim René. Opening reception is Saturday, November 3rd, 6-9pm. Artist talk 7:15pm.

“Flow” is a collection of paintings created out of my desire to accentuate, even zone-in, on the fluidity of nature. When asked, “What inspires you?” I immediately want to shout out–  like from a mountain– “Nature, but of course!” I’m especially spellbound by the motion that happens within waterfalls, icebergs and molten lava. Not only am I moved by natural wonders of the world, the clouds and mist that surround us in our daily atmosphere deeply intrigue me as well. Capturing even the smallest characteristics of this personal obsession with nature’s liquids, drives me experientially and passionately. Experimenting with varied paint viscosity, mediums & canvas substrates helps recreate the expansive and emotional feelings that this aspect of nature provokes within me.  –Kim René

Rhythm and Rush, Best in Show–Noémie Jennifer



Noémie Jennifer: Onrush


Sincerest thanks to all the artists that participated in our 6th Annual Exhibition juried by Catherine Haggarty, “Rhythm and Rush.” Catherine had a record number of images, over 350, to consider for inclusion in this show. She chose 22 amazing artists whose art hangs harmoniously on the walls of Ground Floor Gallery– with the help of Art Handlers, Naomi Barlett, Georganna Greene and Erin Murphy– now through October 20th. Also big thanks to all that came out to the opening and “cast” their vote for Best in Show, so many great works did made it very difficult to choose!

Please help us Congratulate Noémie Jennifer, whose work “Onrush” represents the unnoticeable “shifting, flowing, eroding, firing” of the “mind, body, and natural landscape.” We look forward to seeing what she creates her solo exhibition Summer 2019!

Congrats to Rhythm & Rush Artists!


image: WAVE, by Gyan Shrosbree 35″ X 25″, acrylic paint, glitter, plastic jewels, thread on canvas, 2017

Help us congratulate the 22 artists, our Juror, Catherine Haggarty, selected for our upcoming 6th Annual Juried Exhibition, Rhythm & Rush:

Padmavathy Rajendran
Benjamin Pritchard 
David McDonough 
Thank you to all the artists that applied, we had a record number of submissions this year!
We are already busy getting the gallery ready to receive and install these works AND have gotten images that were submitted to DropBox to David King at Extended Play so he can begin working on our art book–it’s going to be an amazing gift for Catherine! They are still available for pre-order and purchase here.
We’d also like to thank those that helped us get the word out: Bay Area Art Grind, BURNAWAY, Art and Art Deadlines, Chicago Artist Resource, Glasstire, Entry Thingy, Wooloo, Art-3000, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, NY Crit Club, Catherine Haggarty, NYFA, ArtATL, CAA, Google, and all those friends and family of Ground Floor–Thank you!!
Opening will be Saturday, September 8th from 6-9pm we can’t wait to see who will be our next Soloist!

“My Own Worst Enemy” and Hurry–last day to submit to Rhythm and Rush


Ground Floor opens another show August 2018 curated by one of our studio mates Matt Christy, see below for more info and don’t forget TODAY, July 15th, is the last day to apply for our open call Rhythm and Rush, juried by Catherine Haggarty

My Own Worst Enemy will run July 25-Aug 18, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 4, 2018 6-9pm

My Own Worst Enemy, curated by Matt Christy, opens August 4th during the Art Crawl and will feature some of his work and emerging artists Lindsey Campbell, Joe Christy, Kevin Dietz, Chris Worth. The exhibition formally opens with a Reception with most of the artists in attendance August 4, 2018 6-9pm. By appointment otherwise.

My Own Worst Enemy brings together five artists who make paintings with a sense of history’s painful, heavy weight and of the self’s own thin, fragile place inside that discourse. These artists’ narratives and dramas suggest the extreme individualism of our times, along with all its problems and melancholies.—Matt Christy

Lindsey Campbell, Untitled, 16″x20’’, acrylic on canvas

Joe Christy, Bring Your Own, 4’x5’, acrylic on canvas

Art book pre-sale plus Q & A with Publisher RD King


We are very excited to be partnering with local artist, RD King and Extended Play to create  an original art book that will document all the artists that submit to our 6th Annual Juried Exhibition–Rhythm and Rush. Deadline to submit is July 15th.

We will be presenting this book to our Juror, Catherine Haggarty, as a token of our gratitude and in honor of 2017 Juror Austin Thomas‘ words at the opening of Otherworldliness when she said she “could have created 20 shows” from all the amazing work that she reviewed. It is our hope that future shows, projects and relationships will be cultivated by this book.

Individual copies will be available for purchase through Extended Play, reserve your copy here.

Below is an interview to learn a bit more of David King’s process and inspiration by GfG Studio Artist, Sibley Barlow:

What got you started in publishing?

I’m interested in the personal, one-to-one exchange between artist and viewer. A book allows you to bypass the discomfort of experiencing art in a crowd of people at an art opening or a museum show. Reading an artist book puts you alone with the work, in a personal size that you can explore at your own pace.

I’ve been collecting artist books for a long time, and follow a number of small presses based out of other cities. I felt like a small artists book press was something that Nashville needed. Nashville has a strong history of galleries and independent artist spaces, but the exhibition can only be experienced during the run of the show. A book extends a body of work into a tangible object that can be viewed indefinitely.

Adapting artwork into a book format is a creative collaboration. Reading a book is an interactive experience for the viewer, so I like to include tactile, physical elements. When I was working with Jesse Butcher, I thought about how confrontational and subversive his photography feels. I decided to make a die-cut inset area in the pages of the last third of the book, leaving a hole, as though the book were a hollow Bible. Inside this hole I embedded a second, tiny handmade book of his more intimate line drawings.

Another artist, Jessica Wohl, is currently working with textiles. I designed her book to feel like a fabric swatch book that can be opened expansively, revealing many pages simultaneously as the views of her work zoom in and out.

What are you currently excited about in your art practice?

Book publishing hits an overlap between my interest in art and my interest in rebuilding machines. This comes out in my studio practice as well, I enjoy appropriating industrial machines for creative purposes. I’ve got an industrial plastic vacuum form machine that I’ve previously used to make crisp, white, large-scale work with found objects.

Currently I’m working on a series of original toys inspired by bootleg action figures, which will be encased in original handmade packaging, complete with accessories.

Are there any contemporary artists who are influences for you?

Richard Tuttle and John Gossage are both artists with extensive bodies of work who have also pushed the boundaries of what an artist’s book can be. I’ve also been collecting bootleg toys made by artists, such as ones by Mark Todd.