“Vices” a solo show from Chris Harsch


Date to be determined due to Covid-19

What are vices? How do we define them? Vices are wrapped all around our life and they rear their faces in all sorts of different ways, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes blatantly for the whole world to see. The purpose of this show is not to define what vices are or how you should feel about these certain ideas that might parallel to your own. It is simply a perspective on us, the subject of an idea, and the way we might project these themes externally. 

A recent job I was working at required me to greet guests as they first walked into our business. A regular was making his way to the exit so I yelled over to him, “leaving so soon?” he replied, while clutching a cigarette “nah, just going outside to feed my vices”. I thought that was such an interesting thing to say. Knowingly and consciously while in humor accepting something for what it is. It was so interesting to me, I think in a lot of ways we like our vices. They give us strength and security we may believe we couldn’t do without.

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