Results for GfG’s 4th National Juried Show!


The results are in! Join us November 7th from 6-9pm for the opening of our annual National Juried show during the Nashville art crawl. The title of this year’s show is Mark. 

Thanks to everyone who submitted their work for consideration! We had a record breaking number of entries making the selection process, and development of a central theme, a very tough job for our juror. Our sincerest wishes for continued success for those not chosen for this show, it in no way questions the validity or excellence of your work but is rather due to space limitations and theme-related constraints.

Many thanks to Adrienne Outlaw, for picking work that shows “deep concern for the vulnerable and displaced.” She selected ten local and National artists that use “subject, light, line quality, precision, angst, and the desire to gather people” through audio installation, photographs, paintings, sculpture and performance to document their concerns. Congratulations to those artists listed below, we look forward to having you at Ground Floor! 

Beth Reitmeyer Katie HargraveMandy Cano VillalobosJennifer DayAnders JohnsonJohn BrunoDavid PittengerHasan Nomi KhanJesse KilmonLaura McAdams

Mark your calendars for November 7th, from 6-9pm for what is sure to be an indelible show!

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