Rotting Piñata by Desiré Hough Next Art Crawl August 1st 6-10pm


Ground Floor Gallery’s Studio Artist, Dez will soon install her solo exhibition: Rotting Piñata

Opens August 1st  and runs thru the 29th

Artist’s reception from 6-10pm


Photo of Uncut Cake, 2015, store bought cake, candles, table cloth, day 155

Death by Birthday: A festive way to show the grim side

Desire’ Hough’s solo installation, Rotting Piñata, is a birthday party that was eagerly planned but never occurred for unspoken reasons, leaving the viewer with underlying notions of death. The piñata was never hit yet is falling apart, cake never cut but not at all appetizing, balloons at your feet deflating, and gifts left unopened. All combine to create a subtly haunting scene.

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