Arts & Music @ Wedgewood/Houston 
5:30-8:30 Saturday, April 5th
GfG+S will
An eclectic mix of new work by studio artists Heidi Martin KusterMandy BrownAnne Daigh and Janet Decker Yanez all come together this month in “Open…” at Ground Floor Gallery + Studios. The exposition moves easily between texture, form, and colorful word play. Kuster continues with her examination of the surface, shape, and evolution of rocks in subtle abstract oil paintings. Brown explores acrylic paint skin to create colorful small scale compositions full of contemporary conversation.

Daigh pieces torn maps and newsprint together into whimsical plant and animal collages. Yanez cleverly invites the viewer to consider the changing form of female breasts in her installation Chest Bored.  Cracks, folds, tears and wrinkles co-exist in a tactile banter between four artists all considering space, time, and personal history through recycled media.      Written by Heidi Martin Kuster

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