Opening June 8th, 6-9p…Pandora’s Box Unhinged


Postcards from Alligators with Unkranian Stamps

Pandora’s Box Unhinged-a variation on the ancient myth, one that still involves hope.

Just suppose Pandora didn’t open the box at all, but the contents inside did so, forcibly, unhinging it all at once. What would we find-the traditional hate, crime, poverty and disease, or a Ukranian stamp belonging to an alligator? In this solo exhibition by emerging Memphis artist Amy Hutcheson, we’ll discover large-scale, painted fragmentations of both the mind and spirit of someone who uses humor (read: hope), to survive the constant battle between negativity and optimism, in a world already affected by the fact that Pandora’s Box was actually opened long ago. In addition to Amy’s paintings, some of her small studies on raw canvas will be exhibited, plus an installation of her “Box,” an ever-changing and growing still life.

Solo exhibition of Amy Hutcheson, Finalist-From the Ground Up, Ground Floor Gallery’s 1st juried exhibition.

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