Gallery of Entries

Gallery page created as a way to showcase all the work and artists who applied to our last juried show.  Austin Thomas said she “could create twenty shows with all the great works submitted,” but there just wasn’t enough space to do so.


Meghan Borland

Large Vase No. 10

Audry Deal-McEver

Introduction (BLIND?SPOT)

Dillon Lemon

Synthesis II

Joey Tigert


Kyle Baker

Allison and Brian

Gill Alexander

King Kendrick

Kofi Sarfo-Kantanka

365 Days of Prince

Rebekah Major

The Witness

Francie Miller


Deanne Bowers


Marissa Silverstein

Insect Trails 

Judy DeSimone

Anteroom 30

Elysia Mann

Door #4

Carl Gombert

Composite 05

Jerry Phillips

Robot in a Cake Pan

Cande Aguilar

Home Sweet Home

Dusty Mitchell

The Forgotten Orbits I

Jake Weigel

1. Moonlit Forest, 42″x 48″

Moonlit Forest

Kasia Szczesniewski

Split Personality

Cindy Wagner

Monument 3 (Van Cleef Leaf)

Rachel Fischer

Mockingbird Wish Me Luck 

Herb Rieth

Breaking Through

Angela S. Gay

At the Junction of Happy & Disappointment 

Shannon Carey

Valentine Texas

Elizabeth Thompson

Arrangement With a Pipe and Tar Baby

Scott Rayner

In Search Of

Kerry Taylor


Katherine Wagner

Camels Hole

Abbie Fundling

Liminal I

Carrie Alter

Sentinel I

Gil Given

False Promises 2016

Michael Grine

The Footwashers

Anna Wehrwein

Paper Cuts White/Red

Reni Gower

Viet Nam War 10

Amy Jackson

Allison II

Jacob Peters

Fluorescent Entertainment

Xiaofu Wang

What Makes Me

T Michael Martin

The Eternal Green

The Eternal Green 

Ana Fleming

The Remains

Anders Johnson

Honestly it’s Been Boundaries and Bodies Since the Beginning

Hannah M. Owens

Untitled (Abstract Pour 17-1)

Georganna Greene

Milton’s Acok

Anne Carney Raines

You Over Me

Mary F. Coats

C Wave 017

Christopher Spinelli

Miami Rhythms

Gregory Tomb

Flowers for Vince #2

Patricia Timbrook

40’ x 32’ On 31’ x 23’ (Grid)

Timothy Harding

Garden With White Cat and Mother Mary

Michelle Farro

Hot Water

Brianna Bass

I Miss the Bus

John Paul Kesling

Winding Path

Amanda Brown

Yellow # 5

Adam Coulter

Pie No. 2

Lindsey Pearson


Andrew OBrien

TV #4009

Andy Mattern

I Am The First & I Am The Last

Leslie Tucker

Deadly Waters

Janet Wallace


Claire Bloomfield


Amber Briggs

Roots and Wings #2

Terry Schupbach-Gordon

Blackened Silver Fish

William Arthur

Playa 8

Frances Ashforth

The Fear

Fotios Zemenides

Style #4

Kathia St. Hilaire


Celine Browning

Pile of Bad Ideas

Carol McTyre

Trust Me

Leonie Weber

No one is illegal. (For ‘Father Moses’)

Robert Fields

Rural America

Sydni Gause

Hail Caesar! Astride the Tower of Corporate Babel

John Momont